Carlo Moretti's Bora Tumbler Glass - 12.997.3


Designed by Carlo Moretti and made in Murano, Venice, these mouth blown cristal glasses are unevenly shaped as if a gust of wind bent them slightly to one side. The Bora, the strong wind that often blows on the Adriatic sea, is the inspiration behind their unusual shape, and gives the name to the tumblers. Hand made, each and every one of them is different from all the others.

Colors decorate the glass in many different ways and prove that even everyday objects like glasses, if they are so beautiful as these, can be considered as pieces of art.

At Le Sirenuse, we have been using Carlo Moretti’s glasses in our Champagne and Oyster Bar since it was open in 2000. They are among the reasons why that Bar is so special. Now you can have them in your home.

Height (approx.) 10 cm / 4". Capacity (approx.) 440 cc / 15 oz filled to the brim.

Each one is engraved with Carlo Moretti’s signature and the year of production.

Individually packed, they ship very safely.

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