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By The Pool

Mermaids with attitude, sirens in seashells, a glimpse of shrimp, a dream of submarine aperitifs. Emporio Sirenuse presents a fresh, salty new ceramic tableware collection based on a series of playful pen and ink drawings created by Cornish artist Lucy Stein.

Local artisanal firm Vietri Scotto reproduced Lucy’s motifs in malachite green against a pastel pink background, on a series of plates and other items that bring a splash of contemporary flair to the proud ceramic tradition of Vietri sul Mare. The pieces are available in six different hand-painted designs: Crab, Lips, Shrimp, Siren, Star, and Umbrella.

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Lips Dessert PlateLips Dessert Plate
Lips Dessert Plate Sale price€60.00
Coffee Cup With SaucerCoffee Cup With Saucer
Coffee Cup With Saucer Sale price€70.00
Star Dessert PlateStar Dessert Plate
Star Dessert Plate Sale price€60.00
Milk JugMilk Jug
Milk Jug Sale price€40.00
Shrimp Dessert PlateShrimp Dessert Plate
Shrimp Dessert Plate Sale price€60.00
Sugar PotSugar Pot
Sugar Pot Sale price€60.00
Medium Shrimp BowlMedium Shrimp Bowl
Medium Shrimp Bowl Sale price€100.00
Siren Bread PlateSiren Bread Plate
Siren Bread Plate Sale price€45.00
Large Siren BowlLarge Siren Bowl
Large Siren Bowl Sale price€150.00
Crab Bread PlateCrab Bread Plate
Crab Bread Plate Sale price€45.00
Umbrella Dessert PlateUmbrella Dessert Plate
Umbrella Dessert Plate Sale price€60.00
Small BowlSmall Bowl
Small Bowl Sale price€35.00
Crab Dinner PlateCrab Dinner Plate
Crab Dinner Plate Sale price€80.00
Siren Dessert PlateSiren Dessert Plate
Siren Dessert Plate Sale price€60.00
Star Bread PlateStar Bread Plate
Star Bread Plate Sale price€45.00
Siren Dinner PlateSiren Dinner Plate
Siren Dinner Plate Sale price€80.00
Crab Dessert PlateCrab Dessert Plate
Crab Dessert Plate Sale price€60.00
Umbrella Bread PlateUmbrella Bread Plate
Umbrella Bread Plate Sale price€45.00
Medium Umbrella BowlMedium Umbrella Bowl
Medium Umbrella Bowl Sale price€100.00
Medium Star BowlMedium Star Bowl
Medium Star Bowl Sale price€100.00
Medium Siren BowlMedium Siren Bowl
Medium Siren Bowl Sale price€100.00
Shrimp Bread PlateShrimp Bread Plate
Shrimp Bread Plate Sale price€45.00
Large Crab BowlLarge Crab Bowl
Large Crab Bowl Sale price€150.00
Large Lips BowlLarge Lips Bowl
Large Lips Bowl Sale price€150.00
Large Shrimp BowlLarge Shrimp Bowl
Large Shrimp Bowl Sale price€150.00
Large Star BowlLarge Star Bowl
Large Star Bowl Sale price€150.00
Large Umbrella BowlLarge Umbrella Bowl
Large Umbrella Bowl Sale price€150.00
Lips Bread PlateLips Bread Plate
Lips Bread Plate Sale price€45.00
Lips Charger PlateLips Charger Plate
Lips Charger Plate Sale price€130.00
Lips Dinner PlateLips Dinner Plate
Lips Dinner Plate Sale price€80.00
Crab Charger PlateCrab Charger Plate
Crab Charger Plate Sale price€130.00
Shrimp Charger PlateShrimp Charger Plate
Shrimp Charger Plate Sale price€130.00
Shrimp Dinner PlateShrimp Dinner Plate
Shrimp Dinner Plate Sale price€80.00
Siren Charger PlateSiren Charger Plate
Siren Charger Plate Sale price€130.00
Star Charger PlateStar Charger Plate
Star Charger Plate Sale price€130.00
Star Dinner PlateStar Dinner Plate
Star Dinner Plate Sale price€80.00
Umbrella Charger PlateUmbrella Charger Plate
Umbrella Charger Plate Sale price€130.00
Umbrella Dinner PlateUmbrella Dinner Plate
Umbrella Dinner Plate Sale price€80.00
Medium Crab BowlMedium Crab Bowl
Medium Crab Bowl Sale price€100.00
Medium Lips BowlMedium Lips Bowl
Medium Lips Bowl Sale price€100.00