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Summer Collection


August Dress  OrangeAugust Dress  Orange
August Dress Orange Sale price€265.00 Regular price€530.00
Elena Dress OrangeElena Dress Orange
Elena Dress Orange Sale price€259.00 Regular price€517.00
Sold outDafne Ikat Stripes Dress OceanDafne Ikat Stripes Dress Ocean
Dafne Ikat Stripes Dress Ocean Sale price€877.00 Regular price€1,754.00
Kalitha Ikat Stripes Top Ocean
Kalitha Ikat Stripes Top Ocean Sale price€235.00 Regular price€470.00
Sold outDove Ikat Stripes Long Shirt OceanDove Ikat Stripes Long Shirt Ocean
Dove Ikat Stripes Long Shirt Ocean Sale price€379.00 Regular price€758.00
Sold outDalia Check And Stripes Top BlackDalia Check And Stripes Top Black
Dalia Check And Stripes Top Black Sale price€259.00 Regular price€517.00
Sold outFlaminia Falling Stars Skirt BlackFlaminia Falling Stars Skirt Black
Flaminia Falling Stars Skirt Black Sale price€472.00 Regular price€943.00
Stephan Falling Stars Pants BlackStephan Falling Stars Pants Black
Stephan Falling Stars Pants Black Sale price€252.00 Regular price€503.00
Sold outBeatrice Check And Stripes Shorts BlackBeatrice Check And Stripes Shorts Black
Beatrice Check And Stripes Shorts Black Sale price€252.00 Regular price€504.00
Alina Check And Stripes Medium Caftan BlackAlina Check And Stripes Medium Caftan Black
Alina Check And Stripes Medium Caftan Black Sale price€337.00 Regular price€673.00
Kalitha Top Forever Blue
Kalitha Top Forever Blue Sale price€178.00 Regular price€356.00
Giorgia Top Lemon CurryGiorgia Top Lemon Curry
Giorgia Top Lemon Curry Sale price€204.00 Regular price€408.00
Beatrice Caliph'S Dream Shorts BlueBeatrice Caliph'S Dream Shorts Blue
Beatrice Caliph'S Dream Shorts Blue Sale price€146.00 Regular price€292.00
Sold outDia Papyrus Caftan BlueDia Papyrus Caftan Blue
Dia Papyrus Caftan Blue Sale price€365.00 Regular price€730.00
August Papyrus Dress PinkAugust Papyrus Dress Pink
August Papyrus Dress Pink Sale price€459.00 Regular price€917.00
Sold outLena Papyrus Dress BlueLena Papyrus Dress Blue
Lena Papyrus Dress Blue Sale price€329.00 Regular price€657.00
Sold outNew Cappa Papyrus Caftan PinkNew Cappa Papyrus Caftan Pink
New Cappa Papyrus Caftan Pink Sale price€234.00 Regular price€467.00
Sonia Papyrus Top BlueSonia Papyrus Top Blue
Sonia Papyrus Top Blue Sale price€100.00 Regular price€199.00
Sold outStephan Papyrus Pants BlueStephan Papyrus Pants Blue
Stephan Papyrus Pants Blue Sale price€184.00 Regular price€368.00
Kaia Papyrus Shirt PinkKaia Papyrus Shirt Pink
Kaia Papyrus Shirt Pink Sale price€154.00 Regular price€308.00
Beatrice Papyrus Shorts PinkBeatrice Papyrus Shorts Pink
Beatrice Papyrus Shorts Pink Sale price€162.00 Regular price€323.00
Sold outBeatrice Ikat Stripes Shorts OceanBeatrice Ikat Stripes Shorts Ocean
Beatrice Ikat Stripes Shorts Ocean Sale price€236.00 Regular price€472.00
Sold outThea Skirt Forever BlueThea Skirt Forever Blue
Thea Skirt Forever Blue Sale price€241.00 Regular price€482.00
Sold outAriel Papyrus Dress Pink
Ariel Papyrus Dress Pink Sale price€324.00 Regular price€647.00