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High Summer 2023

Following a call from the wild, Emporio Sirenuse celebrates the free-spirited beauty of nature with a collection that travels beyond trends.


Dalia Akroterion Top
Dalia Akroterion Top Sale price€220.00 Regular price€440.00
Sold outTeorica Akroterion Skirt
Teorica Akroterion Skirt Sale price€285.00 Regular price€570.00
Alaia Akroterion Dress
Alaia Akroterion Dress Sale price€316.00 Regular price€631.00
Teorica Akroterion Skirt
Teorica Akroterion Skirt Sale price€285.00 Regular price€570.00
Berenice Akroterion Dress
Berenice Akroterion Dress Sale price€236.00 Regular price€472.00
Thaia Elephant Family Top
Thaia Elephant Family Top Sale price€159.00 Regular price€318.00
Flaminia Elephant Family Skirt
Flaminia Elephant Family Skirt Sale price€316.00 Regular price€631.00
Sold outBerenice Elephant Family Dress
Berenice Elephant Family Dress Sale price€232.00 Regular price€464.00
Soora Elephant Family Dress
Soora Elephant Family Dress Sale price€367.00 Regular price€734.00
Lia Mughal Garden Dress
Lia Mughal Garden Dress Sale price€403.00 Regular price€806.00
Judith Mughal Garden Top
Judith Mughal Garden Top Sale price€159.00 Regular price€318.00
Ombretta Mughal Garden Skirt
Ombretta Mughal Garden Skirt Sale price€385.00 Regular price€769.00
Meghan Mughal Garden Dress
Meghan Mughal Garden Dress Sale price€411.00 Regular price€822.00
Sold outArlene Mughal Garden Caftan
Arlene Mughal Garden Caftan Sale price€371.00 Regular price€742.00
Sold outEvelina Mughal Garden Shirt
Evelina Mughal Garden Shirt Sale price€220.00 Regular price€440.00
Sonia Wild Life Top
Sonia Wild Life Top Sale price€133.00 Regular price€265.00
Ombretta Wild Life Skirt
Ombretta Wild Life Skirt Sale price€345.00 Regular price€689.00