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Viola Parrocchetti

Collaborating with Carla is her niece Viola Parrocchetti, designer and creative director of Le Sirenuse Positano. Parrocchetti has always been fascinated by the Amalfi Coast and Capri. Her father collected books on the ‘land of the Sirens’ (as Norman Douglas called it), mostly published by La Conchiglia, a publishing house from Capri. These books told the lives and stories of a special breed of international characters who chose to live on the Amalfi coast and Capri in the 20th century, and here wrote, painted and composed music. They were all lovers of a lost classical era, an idealized Mediterranean idyll made of statue fragments, tanned bodies, craggy landscapes and a diffuse Romantic pantheism. ‘There's more depth to the setting than the Vespa and a basket of lemons’ says Viola. It's exactly this depth that emerges from the stories that are elaborately depicted in Viola's prints and embroideries. It's the inspiration behind everything that Carla and Viola create.