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About Us

Carla Sersale and Viola ParrocchettiCarla Sersale and Viola Parrocchetti

Since 2013, Emporio Sirenuse has distilled the values and verve of inimitable Amalfi Coast hotel Le Sirenuse into a small, carefully curated collection of beachwear, resortwear, design and lifestyle items.

Artists and émigrés, actresses, intellectuals, poets and playboys dance in and out of a range that embodies founder Carla Sersale and creative director Viola Parrocchetti’s deep love of and fascination with a part of the world whose culture and class runs far deeper, in Viola’s words, than “a ride on a Vespa and a basket of lemons”.

Delving into the roots of Mediterranean culture, mixing influences from Mesopotamia to Marrakech, Palermo and Damascus, Emporio Sirenuse collections offer a fresh, nuanced, romantic take on Positano’s legendary dolce vita, and are enriched from time to time by frequent collaborations with small brands and quirky designers we feel an affinity with. 

How we work

Emporio Sirenuse works directly with small, family-owned enterprises in Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata, using a network of talented artisans, many of them selected personally by creative director Viola Parrocchetti during the six years she spent living in India. These tailors, seamstresses and colorists hand stitch, embroider or print fabric in small traditional workshops, owned and staffed by mutually supportive family groups. All our workers are adults of 18 or over. Staff are given time off for religious festivals and are either accommodated close to the workshop or have their transport costs covered.

We use no synthetic textiles. Linen, silk and Indian cotton are our go-to fibers; most of the linen is handwoven on small wooden looms.  All our plastic packaging is based on corn starch, and is 100% compostable.