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Our Inspirations

Fascinated by the intricate patterns of the old Suzani textiles from Central Asia, collected by Antonio's globetrotting father, Franco, Carla and Viola designed the first collection of hand embroidered cushion covers in 2013, and they were an instant hit at the Emporio. At the same time, Viola began to create prints and embroidered motifs for kaftans and other garments, brought to life by the skillful fingers of her talented artisans. Her style developed in tune with the melding of Mediterranean and Silk Road influences, long held at the center of Emporio Sirenuse's identity. This peculiar fusion of East and West is clearly recognizable in her work, often mixed with influences from the rich cultural heritage of the artistic community that lived and flourished in Capri and Positano at various times in the past century, and who was in fact very much inspired by the same themes.