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Mediterranean Flair Meets Indian Craftmanship

Le Sirenuse Positano collections are produced in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Italy. Fusing silk road influences with the Mediterranean flair, Carla and Viola launched the inaugural collection in the summer of 2013: a fresh, romantic take on the spirit of the Amalfi coast, enlightened with a tinge of Orient.

Viola, who now lives and works in Milan, was based in Mumbai for six years, where she established a network of local artisans who remain the backbone of our production. But from the very first production, made in a rented room in Dharavi's Mumbai slum with secondhand sewing machines, the evolution of Emporio Sirenuse has been remarkable.

Today's manufacturing is both structured and stable, but the line still only makes use of the best cotton and silk, handmade screen prints and hand embroidery, and, for some items, even hand weaving. The entire process is managed from start to finish by Viola, who now returns four times a year to check on the small workshops she helped create and grow, and never stops searching new sources and experimenting with new techniques.