Villa 9 Misty Lake


Helen Kaminski is an Australian hat designer who started her business by chance in the 80s. Now an international brand Helen Kaminski continues to sell her own styles. Made of woven raffia, hats and visors are particularly flattering and easy to wear. An inside or outside string makes then all one size.

Beautifully crafted from the finest, sustainably harvested Madagascan raffia, the Villa 9 is a classic round crown with a 9cm brim. A perennial favourite as it can also be rolled for travel. The Villa 9 has been hand crocheted with no visible knots or joins by our artisans, making this style a unique combination of effortless style, technical skill and craftsmanship, with subtle variations being unique to each hat.

Deep Round Crown Medium Brim Cloche
9cm Brim
Hand Rolled Raffia String for Size Adjustment
Neoprene Inner Band
Rollable & Packable

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