Boxed Hat 104 Brown Dark Brown


Mature Ha is a brand born of the desire to know and enjoy the act of wearing a hat. Based in Kobe, Japan, Mature Ha proposes a "new hat" that focuses on the comfort and texture of the item and makes your everyday life a little richer.
The simple design that eliminates unnecessary decoration is the expression of a high degree of freedom, as the shape of these hats can be changed in multiple ways as you wear them.

The most iconic feature of this brand is their boxed hats. Carefully made with the most curated design and materials, these hats are then squashed into a flat box and sold all flattened inside. They became a cult all over the world.

BOXED HAT 7cm brim leather belt

paper 82% , polyester 18%
cowhide (belt part)

 brim length:7cm

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