Vali Myers Stephan Pants Black

€216 €432

The Stephan pants are high waisted and fitted on top, with wide legs. Made in the softest silk crepe, they are printed with a design inspired by the legendary Vali Myers and the hippy movement that followed in her path. The natural matching top is our Vali Myers Kate tunic.

Restless bohemian Vali Myers was an Australian-born dancer and artist who, in 1958, moved into an abandoned house in a wild canyon just outside of Positano. A friend of Cocteau and Genet, Donovan, Marianne Faithfull and Mick Jagger, she was a hippy before the term even existed, with flame-red hair and intricate Berber tattoos. Draped in necklaces, jewels and rings that seemed to possess a talismanic power, she was inspired by gypsy and nomadic culture in her flamboyant, colorful, layered clothes and in the dark kajal eye shadow she always wore.

Digitally printed
100% Silk crepe


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